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We have provided a selection of prayer cards, for which you may chose from. Our staff at Slack Funeral Home, P.A. can assist you in choosing an appropriate prayer or sentiment
that symbolizes the life of your loved one.  Some of our cards may also be personalized with a picture of your loved one


 Praying Hands

 Head of Christ

 Carnation and Calla Lilies

 Cross on the Water

 Wayside Series

 Our Lady of Grace


 St. Patrick

 Christ in the Garden

 Going Home


 American Flag

 St. Anthony

 Blue Skies

 Butterflies & Wildflowers

 On Freedom's Wings


 Deer in The Woods


 Cafe Shimmer

 Breast Cancer Awareness


 Large Dove in the Sky

 Small Dove in the Sky

 Platinum Marquis

 Sorrowfull Madonna

 Orthodox Icons

 Omega Series


 Our Lady of Perpetual Help

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