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   A.     Basic Services of Funeral Director & Staff                                                       $2250
   B.     Disinterment & Reinterment                                                                           $1025
   C.     Preparation of Deceased
                   Emablming (standard)                                                                            $875
                   Embalming (autopsied)                                                                           $925
                   Washing & Disinfecting without embalming                                               $175

                   Dressing, Casketing &Cosmetology                                                         $220

                         Hair Styling                                                                                                                             $75  
AUTOMOTIVE EQUIPMENT ( Beyond 25 miles $1.75 per mile round trip)
   A.     Transfer of Deceased to Funeral Home                                                             $385
   B.     Casket Coach (Hearse) for Funeral                                                                   $450
   C.     Limousine (3 hours)  6 or 10 passenger                                                       $350 / $400
                           each additional hour                                                                   $110 / $125

   D.     Flower Car / Service Vehicle                                                                             $175

   E.     Transfer of Deceased from place of death to secondary location for autopsy and return to funeral home                                                                                                               $770
   F.     Vehicle to obtain death certificate from location and time other than that of death                                                                                                                                  $90
   A.     Caskets (a complete list will be provided)                                               $500/ $18015
   B.     Outer Burial Containers (a complete list will be provided)                          $1250 / 4335
   C.     Cremation Urns ( a complete list will be provided)                                      $35 / $2400
   D.      Register Book                                                                                      $55 / $249
   E.      Prayer Cards (per 100)                                                                          $50 / $85
   F.     Acknowledgment Cards (per 25)                                                               $30/ $55   
   G.     Bronze Cross / Crucifix / Praying Hands                                                    $45

   A.     Use of Facilities & Staff Services for Visitation at Funeral Home  $550 for first 2 hours or                      any portion thereof.                   $130 per hour thereafter

   B.     Use of Staff Service & Equipment for Visitation / Funeral Service from a Private Home                                                                                                                   $500
   C.     Use of Facilities & Staff Services for Funeral / Memorial  Service from Funeral Home                                                                                                                   $520
   D.     Use of Staff Services & Equipment for Funeral Service from Facility other than Funeral home                                                                                                                    $520
   E.     Use of Equipment & Staff Service at Graveside                                             $400
   F.     Use of Staff for Memorial Service from Facility other than Funeral Home (without body present)                                                                                                                 $200
   G.     Use of Facilities for shelter of remains (more than 48 hours) per day                                                                                                                                                   $100
   A.     Direct Cremation (This Does Not Include Crematory Charge)
                      1. Direct cremation with container provided by purchaser                      $3300
                      2. Direct cremation with alternative container
                                    a. with outside covering                                                       $4000
                                    b. without outside covering                                                   $3450
                      3. Direct cremation with casket selected from funeral home         
                                          in addition to the cost of the casket                                $3300
          A storage fee for cremains will be assessed at $10.00 per day after 30 days.               
   B.     Direct Burial
                       1. Direct burial with casket provided by purchaser                               $3050
                       2. Direct burial with casket purchased from funeral home            
                                     in addition to the cost of the casket                                     $3050
   C.     Forwarding of Remains to another Funeral Home                                            $3500
   D.     Receiving of Remains from another Funeral Home                                          $3100
    E.        Use of Facilities and Staff For Services For Services Not Initially Handled by Slack Funeral Home                                                                                                                                                    $1490


For your convenience we have included our General Price List for our services. If you have any questions or would like to have further explanation of any of our services or would like to make an appointment, please contact us.





If you would like to have a copy of our Funeral Price List or a complete Stationary Price List, you can either stop by the funeral home and request a copy or we can mail one to your home.


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